Sunday, May 24, 2009

Felt: Coasters

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Written by Martin

The coasters are very popular crafts on this site since its simplicity allows it to be manufactured by anyone without much knowledge on very complex technical manuals.

What if we are surprised by this manual sent Arantxa, we talk about Felt coasters. Recalling that we decorated the way we want, but in this case we are left with the issue sent by Arantxa spring.

+ White Felt
+ Green Felt
+ Hilo Verde
Hilo + Rosa

1) To begin with we need to cut 4 equal rectangles with rounded ends.
2) We make a mold in a cardboard, drawing a sheet, and make the shape on the felt.
3) cut four ways and cosemos on equal rectangles.
4) Repeat step three with the flowers.
5) Finally finish off the edges of the rectangles with pink thread.

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