Sunday, January 31, 2010

Felt Salty Crackers

Instructions from Americanfeltandcraft

Felt: Owl Brooch

Instructions from Lupin

Click here for more ideas

Friday, January 29, 2010

手工香皂达人 - Marie (Fort Wayne Indiana)

Handmade soap by Marie
呵呵, 这样的手工香皂超特别吧?!
个个小手很可爱, 也很诡异

手工香皂达人 - Erin (澳洲)

一般的手工香皂都是四四方方, 里面放上不同的养份


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Felt: Hibiscuits

Great sharing by Evangelione
See here for instructions

Plushie Hedgehog


Fabric: Baby Crinkle Square

Handmade gift for baby,

Felt: Play money for kids

Good way to teach your kids on managing money
give them some 'money' after they work hard to earn it

Felt: Rose accent pillows

Valentine's day is around the corner
Make some of these pillow to make your room looks sweeter

Friday, January 15, 2010

Quiet Book Series - Development Ideas

Lately I was busy collecting ideas for quiet book and it will be a series of quiet book instructions. Each quiet book contains 4 - 6 words, one word per page with illustration/colors/shapes, depend on the instructional design for toddler's learning needs.

Tentatively here are some ideas I have listed, if you have other thoughts that you think is good for your kids, please let me know. I will convert your ideas to instruction so you can make it yourself!

Quiet book ideas (can choose 4 or 6 out of the given words):

(a) shapes (circle, oval, rectangle, square, triangle, love, star)
(b) colors (red, blue, yellow, green, orange, brown, purple, black, white)
(c) numbers (1 -5 or 1 - 10)
(d) fruits (apple, orange, grapes, banana, pineapple, strawberry, mango, durian, rambutan, manggosteen, papaya, starfruit, kiwi, watermelon, coconut)
(e) toddler food (biscuits, milk, porridge, bread, vegetable, fish, meat, egg, cheese)
(f) cloths (shirt, pants, skirts, dress, socks, shoe)
(g) daily routine (4p)(tooth brush, breakfast, bath, ball, pajamas, book, food)
(h) family (this could be difficult)
(i) toys (ball, cube, tent, bear, robot, doll, puzzle, top, kite)
(j) vegetables (cabbage, chilli, tomato, potato, cucumber, onion, carrot, corn, egg plant, mushroom,
(k) things at swimming pool (swimming costume, ball, float, sand dig)

(l) things at home (television, cookware, fridge, cupboard)

(m) things at school (blackboard, chalk, chair, table, teacher, book, bag, water bottle, uniform)

(n) things in wet market (fish, vegetables, meat, egg,

(o) things in kitchen (pot, pan, fork and spoon, knife, dinning table, chair,cup and saucer, plate, rubbish bin)

(p) things in bedroom (bed, table lamp, cupboard, pillow, bolster, blanket, alarm clock)

(q) in the sky (sun, moon, rain, rainbow, stars, cloud)

(r) in the sea (prawn, fish, seahorse, star fish, dolphin, crab, turtle)
(s) skills (tie shoe, button, zip, identify colors, identify shapes, puzzle matching, hang clothes)

Part of the ideas above will be converted into an interactive learning objects while some of it just a 2D design.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chinese New Year Felt Sale!!

Chinese new year is around the corner and I have decided to offer my felt for all my readers in Malaysia^^

30 pieces of felt* including postage** only RM55!

Quick! Place your order now and the closing date is 20 Jan 2010 midnight. Don't miss it!

*   Felt colors can choose from provided template (except E1 out of stock). Combination are allowed as long as it make up to 30 pieces.
** Within Malaysia only. For Pos Laju, extra RM4.50 is charged, please state for this service.

Eco Christmas Gift Wrap

Get the idea from this tutorial to make your own gift wrapper
then your friend will have 2 gifts! ^^
and also you had helped in recycling and reuse handicraft :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

LED Baby shoe (Mandarin)

This baby shoe is so adorable
Here is the tutorial in mandarin
I guess you can understand from the picture instructions
need a little technique
i am sure it is worth it!

Fabric: Brooch (Mandarin)

Simple and lovely brooch
those who is doing patch works
should have lotsa left over cloth
can consider this tutorial
and make use all the left over cloths

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Felt: Cake Storage Box

Click here for felt strawberry cake storage box.
Instructions are in Mandarin.

Cat bean bag

super easy tutorial as mentioned by the creator
your kids can make it themselves!

Felt: Play Igloo

Would like your kids to learn more about north and south pole?
Then you shall not missed this felt igloo tutorial
Click here for instructions.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chinese New Year Kiddo Craft - Lion Dance

This tutorial is in Mandarin,
recycle egg container and toilet roll


Click here for resource

Monday, January 4, 2010

I am back~

Happy New Year!

I had a great long break for the past 2 weeks with my family and done some visiting and traveling. Will get on to my new project by this week.

I am looking forward to start my 2010 with some baby books. I hope you can join me sharing them with your love ones.

Happy sewing and working~

Felt supply 不织布出售 (taking orders now~)

After seeing so many felt handcraft and you wish to make some for yourself and friends but do not know where to get the felt supply?!
I'm please to announce that I'm providing this service.^^
Measurement: approximately 9" x 12"
Price: RM1.70 per piece (0.55 USD)
Minimum order is 5 pieces of felt and the colors are as follow:

Click here to view larger picture.
When you place the order, please indicate the number of pieces for each felt color.
看了那么多的不织布手工和教程, 是不是也引起你的兴趣想给自己或朋友做一个? 是不是不知道要到那里购买不织布呢? 呵呵, 这一回你们不用再烦恼啦!! 从今天开始我就提供不织布销售服务, 解决你的烦恼:)
尺寸: 大约 9 X 12 寸
价钱: 一张 RM1.70 (0.55美金)
每次定购最少5 张, 订购时请清楚地例出购买的颜色和张数
P/S: E6 - out of stock E6 - 缺货
Please place your order here. Shipping method please see here.